Awe-Inspiring Guitar Art

The guitar is a musical instrument used to make art. But what if an artist makes the guitar the central object of his masterpiece? It’s nothing short of amazing, that’s what.

No, this ain’t about just giving a guitar a fancy paint job (though that is equally amazing too). Rather, the art featured here also involves playing with the guitar’s shape and sound (more on these later).

And so, without further much ado, I am sharing below some works of art featuring the guitar. If there is something that you find awesome, give the artist a pat on the back by sharing it.


No, that ain’t the title for the next Final Fantasy game. IF VI WAS IX is a “sound sculpture” made of more than 500 musical instruments and 30 computers. And it’s not just an eye candy — you can hear it too! The audience can actually put on headphones to listen to the musical instruments (a good number of which are guitars).

if vi was ix

IF VI WAS IX is displayed at the EMP Museum in Seattle. The work of art was made by the artist called Trimpin.

From Tonewood to Driftwood

The guitar sculpture below, called Nirvana, can be found in the garden of the Westport Winery at Aberdeen, WA.

guitar sculpture

The sculpture is a replica of the guitar that Kurt Cobain designed for Fender. It was made by Jeff Uitto, an artist who specializes in making art from driftwood. What’s amazing is that each of the driftwood he used were not shaped — they are still in their original form when they were first found.

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