Funny Guitar-Shaped Things

Aside from music, guitars inspire the creation of other “interesting” things. Some of these stuffs are mass produced (go get yours!), but a majority are custom made items for the really “passionate” guitarist. Some are just silly, some are weird, but all are nonetheless amusing. See for yourself below.

Rockhouse 88oz Guitar

Love drinking as much as playing the guitar? Then this guitar-shaped beverage container is right up your alley! It’s from The Rockhouse Bar, who says that it’s among the finest drink delivery systems ever invented, partly due to its supreme portability. Now that’s what you call practical and useful!

Rockhouse 88oz Guitar

The guitar slash beverage container even comes with accessories, specifically a shoulder strap and a long straw for “comfortable sipping.” Take notice guitar manufacturers — this might actually be the kind of bundle offer that will increase your sales.

The Future of The Fast and the Furious

Seen The Fast and the Furious and Back to the Future cross-over trailer, but disappointed that it’s just an April Fools prank? Fret not speedster, because better yet, you could actually drive the GIT-TAR CAR! And it’s by Jay Ohrberg, the guy who designed the Delorean in the Back to the Future films.

git-tar car

It actually runs, despite it being 28 feet long and its unlikely shape. And get this — you can steer all of the 6 front wheels (I wonder how it handles a sharp curve though). Some say that you can rent it, but it seems to be for sale at Either way, stop spending on regular axes and save up for this ultimate guitar!

Urine Drops on My Guitar

No, that ain’t a title of a Taylor Swift song parody. That’s just my way of introducing the Guitar Pee. Basically, it’s a urinal that makes guitar sounds when sprayed with urine. When you aim at its different “strings,” you’ll actually play different notes. This proves that you can use just about any appendage to play music.

guitar pee

But what’s a performance if you don’t have an audience? Thankfully, the Guitar Pee also has a mobile app that let’s anyone send previous toilet masterpieces to their phone. Maybe they should also enable sharing on Facebook and other networks, because who knows, “social pissing” might be the next big thing.