Guitar Shredding + Flame Throwing = Awesome

The first time I ever got to watch a Mad Max movie was when I was still in grade school (seriously). I can no longer remember if it was Road Warrior or Beyond Thunderdome, but I know I didn’t liked it. For me back then, it was just too quiet (little dialogue) and bleak (post-apocalyptic setting) and weird (the characters, obviously). Hey, I was just a kid, and I was more into colorful comic book superheroes.

Fast forward to 2015, and I’m probably one of the most rabid fans of Fury Road. No, it’s not because the Mad Max franchise finally decided to have colorful comic book characters (which are still my thing, by the way). The setting is also still bleak, despite a character exclaiming “what a lovely day!” somewhere in the movie. What got me curious with Fury Road were the cars (a previous post hints about my interest in vehicles).

However, what really sealed the deal for me was the guitar shredding, flame throwing Doof Warrior (at around 2:31 above). I first got wind of the character through my friends on social media. The most fun fact I’ve found about him is that the guitar shredding and the flame throwing were both real. Yup, it’s a bonafide dragon and axe in one made by production designer Colin Gibson. On top of that, the Doof Warrior was played by a real musician aboard a real vehicle overly adorned with amps and speakers. Sounds like director George Miller isn’t fond of any of those CGI nonsense, eh?

doof warrior flame throwing guitar

The musician is Sean Hape, aka iOTA. And no, he isn’t just some random guitarist — he’s been nominated for an ARIA award for Best Independent release back in 2000. He also had a hit concept show in 2010 — the theatrical concert Smoke & Mirrors that premiered at the 2010 Sydney Festival. Now, he has a new show called B-girl, for which he wrote all the music. Rock music of course, which he says was drawn on glam (e.g. David Bowie) and southern (e.g. Lynyrd Skynyrd) rock.

But for Mad Max, he says he pulled out some AC/DC, Soundgarden, and Led Zeppelin. But I think it would have been more awesome if he also did some Slipknot. The character just reminds me so much of the band, because of the mask and the onesie costume. Then there’s the Doof Wagon drummers (Slipknot has several percussionists), and iOTA is like Iowa (the band’s second album). But just the same, Fury Road as it is have made me say, “what a lovely day!” 🙂

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