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I read that article about the writer's view but not the IGN one, thanks for posting! Originally posted by Ezekiel:. Submit a new link. Demi moore naked photos. Before I played this game I figured people were just blowing a friendship out of proportion. In fact, being--forgive me--rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger.

Growing up she moved a lot, not just down the street, but between continents. Tomb raider lesbian. As Dumbledore said, "I make mistakes like the next man. Lara has something to say. Sign me up for the latest. Don't have an account? With Himiko unconscious Lara took her to a barn where Jonah had place a the Mirror of Wei which was the only item that could remove Himiko's soul from Sam.

And in the first game Tomb Raider, Lara was very protective of Sam. Sam attempts to help, though ends up discharging a machine gun, much to Reyes' annoyance. Sexy nude women getting fucked. I agree that she probably won't come out because of demographics and such, but I kind of like the idea of her being single. With the storms no longer keeping them on the island, Sam and the surviving Endurance crew members to leave the island. Some time later, The Solarii attack the group, injuring Reyes. In secret, Sam began recording Lara, wanting to make sure she got the credit she deserved.

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Tomb raider lesbian

Follow Curve on Facebook and Twitter. I hope they don't make her gay - to me it would be just virtue-signalling to the SJW crowd. Sam manages to steal a radio from a guard and contacts Lara. Last edited by Vilmer Slaughter ; 11 Jan, 3: You're going to do something daft, aren't you? Harley is also canonically bisexual, and is played by someone who is very vocal about taking the character in new and interesting directions.

She's a bruja, a femme, a pop princess and she loves comic books, witches, dinosaurs and crying. I mean, I can understand trying to take initiative in order to get things done, but they were all stranded on an island with extremely dangerous people, if he had not known how dangerous the Solarii were by that point, then he was hopelessly oblivious to their situation, at best.

Dad's alive and trying to keep the tomb sealed. In Legend of Korra, Korra forms a relationship at the end with Asami. Lesbian casting movies. I could probably talk about TR and Lara Croft for days. No one stays dead in comic books, except Uncle Ben. Don't have an account?

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Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? I didn't feel like she shrugged it offthe idea was she persevered, and I got that asl so it is a videogame. Near, the end she was wearing that weird ceremonial wedding dress thing for the ritual. Erotic cum videos. When held captive by the Solarii Worshipers Sam mocked them stating that she knew Lara would come for her no matter what.

Samantha's mother was a Portuguese model who was working in LA when she met Sam's father, a media mogul from Japan. Lara expresses her desire to help Sam, though Sam refuses, claiming she can handle her own problems, accusing Lara of running from her own problems. Tomb raider lesbian. Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Have I ever told you that? Fight to preserve that which inspires hope - Ezio Auditore. During her time on Yamatai Sam grew colder towards Whitman after their escape from the Solarii palace and took Lara's side in distrusting Whitman.

He's not my favorite character for sure, but he also didn't inspire enough emotion in me for anything more than a weak pity. I hope not, it's not like every tomboy adventuring chick who's experienced violence by men has to be interested in girls. Slave porn lesbian. Sam heeds her friend's advice to escape ahead of her.

Lara has no weight. He cheapened his own character for a motivation that defies all reason. It felt so natural for there to be a romance between Lara and Sam but since it would have been too different, the writers had to hold it back.

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I like Reyes too. Razor Razor 5 years ago 8 in a dire situation any friendship would be stronger to help take their mind of it, plus do you really think Lara is a lesbian or do you just wish she was?

A World full of n00bs indeed! This game didn't seem as good as the first. As Dumbledore said, "I make mistakes like the next man. It came out of nowhere, made little sense and, in my opinion, cheapened a character just to move the plot.

She begs for help, and Lara assures her that she is coming to save her. Imagine me and you lesbian scene. Lara then entered the room and told Sam to open her eyes as it was the only way for her to be free of Himiko. After Whitman's betrayal of the remaining members of the Endurance Lara went after Sam and was able to save her as Himiko was transferring her soul over to Sam.

In return Sam tells Mathias of the story of Himiko, leading Mathias to believe that Sam is the key to getting off the island. It had a great story line, graphics, gameplay, characters, and I definitely have a crush on Lara. They probably could have done it in a better way that made more sense, but I think this is one of only a few story mishaps the game has.

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