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PeterStuer 5 months ago Google is an American company. If YouTube wants so badly to not be outraged at by the public then they are free to get their shit together or close up if they can't manage. Cindy margolis nude video. Twitter has already shown some signs of change. Google is the sole broker here, brokering audiences to advertisers in a monopoly setting.

Take for instance the category of drug "paraphernalia," not to mention actual drugs.

Youtube nude leaks

To me it's absolutely not okay that they have came up with a bunch of new and secret rules all on their own, against their own community and apply them selectively and retroactively over night to videos from months or years ago and blame "the algorithm" for anything that goes wrong.

I had a very popular underwear company as a client back in the day You didn't read carefully enough. Youtube nude leaks. Now, do you think it's an unreasonable position to say that undocumented immigration has both pros and cons?

Only issue I see here is the manual review process and subjectivity baked into that. And if unindexed stale video happens to go away, aww gee shucks. Ads taken off, I think. Google is an American company.

With the amount of videos youtube has to process, and without an almost human-level AI, I don't think there's a perfect solution. Naked girls playing basketball. I mean I get it to a point, they're trying to mitigate the risks of someone getting offended and suing them or something, but at the same time its such a lazy and one size fits all approach.

Twitch Streamer Pettans leaked nude photos. Twitter, YouTube and Reddit take a decidedly hands-off approach to suppressing content that appears on their networks, relying instead on users to flag objectionable material that may or may not end up being taken down. I suppose you could structure the rules to account for as many cultural norms as possible, but that can get very complicated fast. DoreenMichele 5 months ago I worked in insurance. So no, a lecture or a simple quotation wouldn't result in anything.

Sorry, when they say demonetized, they mean "ad restricted" as in no ads are shown. Here she is in a lacey bra being surprised by a sex toy. Tens to hundreds of millions of views for each of these names. So yes, algorithm it is. Many of the regions where it has a dominant market share for web VoD do have cultural palates that are very different from the US. Pearl-clutching shock over people having consideration for others: There are many more moderate positions in between, or even entirely different solutions, such as opening up the YouTube brokerage market.

A cold breeze might make me feel uncomfortable, so might a video of a puppy getting hurt, but that doesn't describe these things. There's no ideal solution for this problem though.

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I know Amazon still advertizes on Breitbart and they're one of the biggest advertisers in the world. Naked white girls boobs. One other thing I would worry about with "objective" rules is what culture determines the "watch list".

She then did several other notable films like La Chambre des morts and Dikkeneka cult hit with unique Belgian-type humor also stars hottie Marion Cotillard. Some others have speculated that demonitized videos tend to not show up in the recommended videos, which leads to fewer views. I don't see anything wrong with that. You mention only extremist polarized positions, full anarcho-libertarianism or ultra-global-conservatism.

Here she is showing off her pokies in a tight top. People keep saying that a demonetized video costs - the trivial bandwidth and storage of a deindexed video is miniscule. Youtube nude leaks. And eyeballs for advertisers come from content.

It has to be nary impossible to draw the line in so many cases, but the guidelines seem reasonable and the line will roughly get drawn about there. In some countries, exposing children to advertising would be considered inappropriate. She had spent her childhood learning how to sing and play acoustic guitar.

Anyways, I'm not here to tell you how you live your life, I'm just stating how I live mine. Lois griffin with big tits. If you let your year olds watch Youtube videos, then you're the problem, not Youtube. Are you under the impression that the legal system is entirely objective?

Lots of the simple cases, sure - but such an algorithm won't work on even the most moderately challenging content. It does not prohibit debate over pronouns. There are many thing on regular TV I'd never watch in public. It's a slippery slope argument, it doesn't mean we shouldn't organize information better. In some places, nudity and sex are considered fine for children. My wife runs a family friendly vlog, prior to October she'd never had a problem with any of her thousands of videos, and now every other one is demonetized without explanation.

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DoreenMichele 5 months ago I worked in insurance. Pokehun Leaked Nude 2 pics admin - December 22, 6. Latent lesbianism signs. For example Laci Green has up to several million views on her videos. If they publish the rules, then they become actual rules instead of content moderation guidelines and they lose their freedom to interpret those rules based on context. Pokehun has just under 1k followers on Twitch. Reddit did not respond to a request for comment. Corinna Kopf Leaked Nude 1 pic admin - November 20, Even if it's largely financially motivated, it's still nice to see some kind of assessment of what kind of content they are willing to enable.

She is also known on social media as Urllayla.

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