Welcome To My Blog!

I am Tomi, and this is my blog. And as you can probably tell with my site’s name, I’m a guitar fanatic. Here, I’ll be blogging about anything awesome about the instrument. And if I’m in the mood, I might also throw in some useful information here and there.

electric guitars

When I was younger, which is only a few years ago (honest!), my girlfriend bought me my first guitar for my birthday. I knew next to nothing about guitars, but I did wanted to learn to play one, and I’m a die hard music fan anyway. As I made progress, I noticed that the tone and projection of my guitar wasn’t exactly ideal. I’ve heard other guitars with richer sounds, unlike the one coming out of my own. So I saved as much as I can (probably the most challenging thing I’ve done, lol) and upgraded to a Seagull S6 Original.

From then on, it’s as if the flood gates were opened — I didn’t stopped buying guitars (not just acoustic) since then. It didn’t helped that I actually managed to get a decent paying job to support my hobby (how I got hired is beyond my understanding, lol). So I guess I am what you might call a “guitarhead” (just as there are sneakerheads and other heads). Anyway, I look forward to jamming with you on the next posts. See yah!